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1.2" Fixed Focal Length Lenses
1.2" Fixed Focal Length Lenses

1.2" Fixed Focal Length Lenses

•Up to 1.2", C-Mount Lenses •Up to 25 MegaPixels, 2.74μm Pixel Size Sensors •Variable Aperture, Excellent Uniformity •18mm to 75mm Focal Length
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  Model No. MOD(mm) F No. Focal Length Distition Filter Size Mount Price Buy
MFA121-U18 100 F4.0 - F16 18mm <0.5% M35.5 xP0.5 C-Mount $393.00
MFA121-U25 150 F4.0 - F16 25mm <0.01% M35.5 xP0.5 C-Mount $393.00
MFA121-U35 200 F4.0 - F16 35mm <0.01% M35.5 xP0.5 C-Mount $393.00
MFA121-U50 285 F4.0 - F16 50mm <0.14% M35.5 xP0.5 C-Mount $393.00
MFA121-U70 300 F4.0 - F16 70mm <0.05% M35.5 xP0.5 C-Mount $393.00
MFA121-U75 300 F4.0 - F16 75mm <0.06% M35.5 xP0.5 C-Mount $393.00
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1.2" Fixed Focal Length Lenses
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